Do you want to have 5 to 30 High-Margin patients every month?

We develop customized strategies for you to acquire new patients
Without resorting to cheap offers or unnecessary coupons.

New Customers

We acquire for you Advanced Dental Implantology patients such as Full Arch All on, 4,6,8 or Grids etc.

Greater Authority

Our Marketing will make you more authoritative in the sector by increasing regional leadership

Greater Trust

We will help your patients to trust you and become aware of the professionalism of your office

Who is the High Margin Patient?

"The High Margin patient is the one who requests you an extremely remunerative service" eg. Dental implantology

Not a High-Margin Patient:
He is a High Margin Patient:

Exclusive Marketing Techniques that use hundreds of dentists, dentists and orthodontists specialized in Italy and Europe.

What your code of ethics imposes on you is to implement adequate care for those who really need it. Our strategies have completely changed the lives of our customers (professionals, entrepreneurs and specialist clinics).You’re not a bad person if you do your job and if you aspire to multiply the number of your patients to higher-margin .

How do I help a patient make the choice to have me treated?

He must trust you

It must know your achievements

He must know your seriousness

You must know this before entering the studio

The "Downward Game" Problem

In today’s ethical environment because of all these portals such as “ProntoPro”, many are used to seeing the profession as the market stall. Unfortunately, a large pool of “poorly informed” people  does not understand the importance of surgery that cannot be placed in the trolley as in the supermarket.

For this reason there are those who in a “not exactly honest” way take advantage of them with last second promotions, sales, etc. which do nothing but decrease the perceived value of the professional or  specialist clinic .

We are here precisely for:

Let's clarify !!

“If you think that since you are a dentist you can lounge around waiting for people to knock, you are believing in one of the biggest falsehoods in existence.”

"The greater the requests received the greater the income the greater the perception of value that the next new customer has for you."

Do not be afraid

On the web there are also many ” conjurers “, for this you don’t trust and we don’t even demand it.

For this reason we have decided to insert a Full Satisfied or Reimbursed Guarantee in the contract that “maybe” we will conclude.

If you also want to have a success story that radically changes your future

You just have to book an appointment with a NexAgency expert who will assist you step by step to success

We only have room for 5 customers per month, we don’t work with everyone, it must be clear

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Because when you see your colleague with the nearby studio, switching to the latest Ferrari model will be too late.

Our online marketing service is not comparable to anyone else on the market

Look in your waiting room, do you see anyone with the magazine? They are all with the smartphone in hand. 

Your patients (even the older ones) use the smartphone every day.

Your colleagues who are using our service that works, are acquiring High-Margin patients and certainly are not coming to take your hand to find out how they are doing it.

Here's how to do it !!!

The Reception

  • It must be effective
  • Whoever answers the phone must be an intelligent and experienced person


  • If what you promise is not kept you won't grow at all.
  • If how you promote yourself is not how you are and how your study is, you will not grow at all
  • Better to do less but to do well

Support Growth

  • The number of requests will grow exponentially, you must be able to support it.
  • Ok more income, but above all there is more work, you must have the ability to know how to manage the increase

Bilateral Communication

  • It is a process of iteration and collaboration, we see professionals who apply our method as an extension of ourselves.

Start bringing more patients to the studio today!

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Our work is structured according to the new regulations issued by the CAO in July 2019.